3 Central Luzon Festivals Worth Going To

If you find yourself in Central Luzon, you may want to consider attending these unique and fun festivals. From the bizarre dances to help impregnate a woman, to beautiful aircrafts soaring in the sky, these festivals are events that you shouldn’t dare miss out. Here are 3 of Central Luzon’s festivals worth going to:

Obando Fertility Dance
The Obando Fertility Dance is a strange event that traces its roots from both a pagan and Christian past. Originally known as the Kasilonawan, an ancient fertility dance for ethnic pagan gods, the entrance of the Spanish friars during their colonization of the Philippines led to incorporating patron saints into the dance. The dance in itself is a fandango, a traditional Spanish dance. Basically, couples who wish to have a child, or even singles who hope to meet their special someone, all gather in Obando, Bulacan, and dance as the saints’ floats pass by. Even stranger is the inclusion of western pop songs in the dance. A surreal, yet somehow memorable experience both for locals and tourists alike.

Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival
For a literal sky-high experience, try visiting Clark Airfield Pampanga every February. The Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival features different kinds of aircrafts, creating a wonderful spectrum of colors in the sky. Almost anything that flies – from traditional kites and spirit lanterns, to the eccentric air machines and radio-controlled aircrafts – fills the blue skies of Pampanga. Of course, the stars of the show, the hot air balloons, bring a different kind of delight for the festival participants.

Suman Festival
If you want to experience something gastronomic, consider attending the Suman Festival at Aurora, Baler. As the biggest festival in Aurora, the festival takes tribute on one of the province’s most significant products, the sweet, sticky rice treat, Suman. One can get a taste of the best Suman all throughout this festival, with the additional perk of seeing the entire province decked out in the best colors possible. With Suman as the main motif, parade floats are shaped like the delicacy, dancers sport the snack in their costumes – even houses have the treats hung on their windows!

Central Luzon festivals are fun and diverse. The Obando Fertility Dance lets you experience a weird yet profound tradition. The Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival offers the best and most creative aircrafts in the country. And the Suman Festival gives you the taste of probably the sweetest treat in the region. These three Central Luzon festivals are surely worth the time and effort going to.